High-Quality Horticulture Products and Supplements for the Garden

Our Wide Product Range of Hydroponic Products

From fertiliser to growth tents, we offer a catalogue of hydroponic products to help your plants.

hydroponic Products

Boosting the Natural Growth of Organic Plants

Help the growth of your organic plants with our range of natural growth boosters.

natural growth

Tips and Advice from Plant Experts

Get advice from some of greenest fingers around on how to help the growth of your garden.

Tips and Advice

Take a Look at our Gallery

Look through our gallery of plant products and growing accessories.

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CONTACT us for how our range of horticulture supplies will boost your garden, available to customers in Eltham, London.

About Us

Based in Eltham, London, Light & Grow Ltd is the expert supplier of horticulture products for avid gardeners.

Our team utilise 14 years of experience to provide a wide range of products from fertiliser to growth lights, as well as expert tips and advice to ensure your garden and plants thrive.

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