Supplying Fertiliser and Growth Lights for Gardeners in Eltham, London

Whether you partake in gardening as a hobby or professionally, it's crucial to give your plants everything they need to help boost their chances of growth.

Operating in Eltham, London, Light & Grow Ltd offer a wide range of quality equipment and supplements, from fertiliser to growth lights we ensure to help your plants blossom.

Our Range of Hydroponic Products

Our store stocks a variety of indoor and outdoor horticulture products, these include fertilisers, growth lights, growing media, and growth tents for plants directly in the ground.

We also supply a range of products to help boost the growth of your plants, with a range of organic food also available.

Brands We Supply

Our full range includes products from top brands, these include:

List One

  • CANNA™

  • Dutch Pro™

  • Biobizz™

  • Digital Ballasts™

  • Mountain Air Filters™

  • RVK Fans™

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